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Eric and Sharyl AndersonWelcome To Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc. home on the web,

Located in Webster, Florida, Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc.’s work is based on the horse behavior and learning. This expertise does not belong to us; it is the result of horsemanship research. We then translate the research practical application. This is not a method or a language of the horse but an understanding of how horses and humans really learn and behave. We are not equine behaviorist nor a horse whisperers but rather Trainers who use the science of behavior and learning to deliver truth, long term honest solutions to equines and humans.  Find Out More….

Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc. offers clinics in Course Challenges and Mounted Shooting.   Our Course Challenges Clinic is for those of you that want a steadier horse. We are assuming that your horse has a basic amount of training and that you and your horse have some saddle time behind you. Our Mounted Shooting Clinic is to introduce the shooter to the fundamentals of mounted shooting.  This class is offered to anyone 13 years and older. Find Out More….

Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc. has a variety of t-shirts, button-up shirts, caps and gift certificates for you to choose from.  Love Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc.?  Get your merchandise today!  Find Out More….

About Us
We hope you live your dream of having the perfect horse. We hope you get to ride your horse and watch the sun go down. We hope your horse willingly takes you to places you did not know existed. We hope you go for your dream of having the perfect horse and not allow anyone to stop you. Find Out More….

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