Horse back riding lessons

Personalized individual horsemanship training. Giving instruction in the art of riding with your horse. We try to maximize the experience of horses back ridding by assisting riders on an individual basis as to keep outside interference to a minimum. We do this through direct feed back and building confidence. Some refer to this as, Riding lessons.


Mounted Shooting Lessons

As a husband and wife team with a total of over 20 years collective experience in mounted shooting. We have in most cases been there done that. Sharyl is a Ladies 6, and Eric is a senior Men's level 6 (as high as you can go). Eric & Sharyl are the only Level 6 mounted shooting training team in the Southeastern Region of the United States.

Let their experience and learning things the hard way make it so you don't have to.

Come join the Xtreme Team!


Obstacle and Mounted Police tactics

Both Eric and Sharyl are members of the Lake County Mounted Posse. Eric has attended the mounted police instructor school. As mounted posse members they have been to countless hours of critique and instruction in several equestrian disciplines and have received countless awards in horsemanship. They enjoy passing on what they have learned to you in the form of horsemanship instruction.

Playing in the pen

Horse Ambassadors.

At Xtreme we try to be an ambassador for your horse. Very often as riders we do not understand why our horse is acting a certain way. We build trust and patience between rider and horse by helping riders understand how their horse will react in different situations. This is done through obstacles, we call opportunities, and different riding drills. Our classes incorporate bit training, balance, rider movement, proper fitting tact, and idiosyncrasies of the rider/horse relationship. These items are covered in detail and explained in terms we can all relate too. As rider/horse team traverses our training, it is very rewarding to watch this relationship flourish.  We love to watch these teams become one of respect as well as trusting each other. We always welcome input from our students as we understand everyone has their own experiences and lessons to share. We try to have a very low key environment UNLESS you are here for one of our Law Enforcement training. Our Law Enforcement training are structured more as a small unit leadership course with the realization you are training in a much more hazardous environment. We have a basic class for Mounted Shooting. New shooter Mounted shooting class that covers things all new shooters should know before firing the first shot. We also have the advanced mounted shooting course that covers course management and planning your stage. We have a horse health class.






Our training products we offer......

Very often clients can pick what classes they want on a particular day. Please contact us on these products we offer for one-on-one or group pricing.

Mounted Drill and Ceremony
Mounted Defensive Tactics Civilian or Law Enforcement
Mounted Obstacle training
Basic Horsemanship
Horsemanship understanding movements from the saddle
Mounted shooting introduction
Bits, tie downs head setters, saddles, and tack