Our Approach

We value many of the basic horsemanship techniques that are often overlooked for a mounted shooting or obstacle horses.  To be proficient a horse must first be “broke” and able to be ridden safely. We believe in the statement, “you can tell a lot about a rider by the way his/her horse acts”. Horsemanship first! That's what we believe in. When you are riding with your horse, there’s better communication between you. Whether in the mounted shooting arena, out on an obstacle course, or even on a trail ride. Good horse/rider communication is important, not only for safety but also for a solid trusting relationship.


Our Story

We realize not everybody wants to set up an obstacle course in their back yard. We also understand not everybody wants to maintain a arena, or a round pen, or a dressage arena. So in 2009 we decided to do just that, giving you a place where you and your horse can come and get better acquainted. By 2010 our love for the sport of mounted shooting began to take the front seat in our training facility. As our training evolved several of the horsemanship techniques we learned while training as mounted police officers and obstacles trainers were incorporated in our mounted shooting classes giving a more well rounded equestrian experience to all of our fellow horsemen and women. We currently host a mounted shooting practice once a month as well as private training and group sessions as well on a as requested basis.


Eric & Sharyl Anderson

A lil bit about the Founders of Xtreme Horsemanship, Inc.

Eric Anderson has been involved with Cowboy Mounted Shooting since 2004. Since then he has excelled to the class of Men's Level 6 (highest class currently attainable) and after turning 50, he became a Senior Men's Level 6. As a Sr. Men’s 6, Eric and his horse, Doc’s Blue Bomber, aka: Dozer hold the title of “2016 Sr. Men’s 6 National Champion”.  Eric has been nationally ranked in the “Top 10 Cowboy” for 2015, 2016, and 2017.  Eric has numerous titles in Cowboy Mounted Shooting over the years, he and his wife, Sharyl, won the”2017 Saddle Life Florida State Championships” and "2017 North Carolina State Championships" together. Eric has been on the Lake County Sheriff's Mounted Unit for the past 20 years and has experience in search and rescue, equitation, jumping, dressage, gymkhana, and is certified in Defensive Tactics. He is a Lifetime member of the NRA, works with Florida Wildlife Commission, and a Concealed Firearms Instructor.

Sharyl Anderson became involved with Cowboy Mounted Shooting in 2008, where she started shooting with SASS and is now a current member of Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. She has reached the rank of Ladies 6, where she holds several State titles from around the Country and has been nationally ranked in the “Top 10 Cowgirl” for the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 years. She has been a member of the Lake County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit for the past 8 years and has experience in search and rescue, equitation, jumping, dressage, and gymkhanas.